Trailer for Abbey’s Year Video that is coming soon!

Click above for link.

Here is a movie trailer of the video I am making about Abbey’s year.  She had a great year and it’s a great way to look back and see how much she accomplished, especially all the exciting firsts!! Above is a picture of Abbey trying to smile for the camera for the first time!  She’s imitating me, but she actually tried!

It’s also really important when you are in the grind of every day, struggling, that you look back and see that all those days added up to some pretty great stuff!:)

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FREE App Today, Help Fine Motor Skils-Chalk Walk

Click On Link Above!
Help Kids with Autism with Fine Motor Issues and with Pincer Grip!!  And it’s FREE right now! For iPad only.  Please check the price before you download and make sure it is still free, free for a limited time!
Chalk Walk
“Introduce your kids to the first app to help children to develop the pincer grip needed at school. Many children are coming into school unable to properly hold a pencil. As time spent drawing on paper or coloring with crayons is swapped for screen time, key fine motor skills remain underdeveloped. But screen time can also solve the problem and prepare kids for the pencil-and-paper tasks they encounter in school. Mrs. Judd’s Games’ new app, CHALK WALK, is designed to fill in the blank: young hands get needed exercise as they use a thumb & finger pincer grip to play this fun, innovative, teacher-designed game.”

iPad Screenshots

iPad Screenshot 1
iPad Screenshot 2
iPad Screenshot 3
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_DSC0052Abbey’s Successes, many, many firsts!

Here is the link… Abbey’s Video

I had a dear friend request that I post this video, just click on the link above.  It is one I compiled of all of Abbey’s successes for the year, for 2011.  I will start working on 2012’s video soon.  It is like therapy for me to put this video together because days go by and it’s sometimes hard to notice some of the progress, until you look back and compile it into a year’s worth!  Hope you enjoy this video…you’ll see a few seconds of a huge meltdown, part of our year, but so many wonderful firsts for Abbey!!  Slowly, she’s finding her voice, she’s letting us in her world and becoming part of ours, she’s learning and growing!  Stay tuned for the next one!:)

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Timer app, FREE for today only!

Visual timers are great for kids with autism.  There are many timer apps to choose from, this is an example..and it’s free today only.  This one is only for the iPad.  Please check price before you download, only free for a limited time!

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So, yes, it’s hard every year to pick out presents for Abbey.  She can’t go on Amazon and make a wish list like my other kids…yet.  So, sometimes we pick winners and sometimes we don’t.  Here are some great things that were definite winners this year!

First is a little hand massager.  We put this on her communicating app, as an option and she asks for this at bedtime.  It helps her relax.  (Picture is a link for it, it is a paid link:)

Next are see through blocks that nest and stack.  The ability to pick which size fits in which is an early math skill that Abbey still needs help with and she LOVES to look through transparent things with different colors, so 2 awesome features in one. Transparent Stacking Tower, link for it (paid link.)

And finally, Abbey loves squishies, I mean really loves squishy toys.  Our problem is, we go through them quickly as they pop and sometimes quite messily if they are filled with goo!  Here is a totally cool one that Abbey loves that will hold up!! (Picture is a link for it, it is a paid link:)

Hope this gives you guys some ideas!  Great to offer the pictures of these objects and have them ask for them, to work on communication too!

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