Abbey’s Voice is a blog done by myself, Abbey’s mom.  It’s a blog about the journey we are on, trying to help Abbey find her voice, among other things.  She is non-verbal and uses an app, Proloquo2Go, to communicate with us.  Boy, learning to communicate is hard and takes lots of work, for everyone, including Abbey.  I will try to share what we are doing to help her in all areas, mainly communicating and will share our triumphs and frustrations.  I will share techniques, apps, items that help her, etc…

My goal is to share daily, “My Autism Video Diary” and then every weekend, to release a video of either an app review by Abbey or by myself, or of me sharing how we use apps for Abbey…so be sure to follow and check back!

Please view our videos at to see us at work!  Remember, I’m not a therapist, I am an RN and a mom.  Also remember that each child with autism is different, what helps one may not help another.  Thanks so much for following us on our journey!


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