Day 15: My Autism Video Diary – What is she chewing on now???

22 Oct

Ugh, sensory issues are so hard!  Just when you think, just maybe, the days of picking tiny pieces of non-edible things out of their mouths is over, it’s not.  The need obviously comes and goes, for Abbey anyway.  Pica, or chewing on all those non-edible things, has always been a problem for Abbey.  We go through so much Spry gum, it’s crazy!

We’re working on getting her a big trampoline again, realizing how much she really does need that outlet and that sensory input.  Finding the sensory things that help them, can make such a difference and teaching them to learn to ask for those things is imperative!

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One response to “Day 15: My Autism Video Diary – What is she chewing on now???

  1. Kathleen

    October 22, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Great post, Melissa! I like the fact that you mention not only how important it is to fill her sensory needs but also teach her how to ask for those things. So important!

    Abbey is the most sensory seeking kiddo I have seen. Filling her sensory needs safely helps to make sure she stays healthy and doesn’t engage in dangerous behaviors.

    Teaching her how to ask to have those needs filled, that will help prevent her from having to “tell” you she needs sensory input with negative behaviors.

    You Rock!!


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